Today is the day Chrome beta is coming…

But all the coolness of the Chrome browser notwithstanding (and there is a lot of it), one of the greatest things about the beta launch is the insanely great white paper slash intro slash brochure Google has published in COMIC BOOK FORMAT!!!

As Chrome is a fairly radical piece of software, you’d expect a lot of big words, small print, and technical jargon — a lot of stuff that would only be understood by the initiated few. Instead, Google has the engineers of the Chrome team tell the story of the new browser in 38 pages of pictures and speech bubbles.

Yes, there still is a lot of technical stuff. Yes, it still is also partially marketing fluff. But, importantly, it is approachable for just about anyone and illustrates they key points behind the Chrome initiative admirably clearly. In short, it is technology marketing at its best.

Well done, Google guys!

Check it out here