Building a collaborative foundation to success

Making important decisions about where to build, or house your datacenter can be overwhelming, as this is a very crucial decision for your company. It’s easy to get caught up in the pros and cons of various locations, so we’ll help you to cut through the clutter with some facts about the formula for success we use in Finland. You know your business best, and we know Finland, so let’s build a strong foundation to success together.


Renewable Energy is Finland’s driving force

Finland has always been a home to the energy intensive industry, and today it is home to many of the world’s datacenters. The Finnish Government reports that datacenters account for over 5 MW of the energy intensive industry and is even offering them the same competitive taxation policy as heavy industries.

By combining one of the cheapest energies in Europe with low tax rates, you can easily end up with up to 40% lower energy costs than in other countries.

Depending on the nature of your datacenter, you can gain remarkable savings and create a real competitive edge for your operation in Finland. Energy supply is guaranteed through an extremely reliable nationwide distribution grid, enabling capital cost savings for redundant energy supplies. Finland is also known as the home of green energy. Hydropower, bio energy and wind energy: we’ve got it all. All options are here to make your datacenter thrive. You can even participate in the production of clean energy, if interested.


Sitting right on the fiber highway

Finland holds an extremely strategic location on the fiber backbone connecting Asia, Russia and Europe, which is operated by several Tier 1 carriers. What this means for your business is a premier location to serve a larger customer base.


Although Finland’s population is only 5 million people, the potential end user target market, which can be reached via Finland is about 50 Million people. Not to mention, the distance (latency) to to major European cities is less than 25 ms, and there are numerous physical routes available. Additionally, new undersea fiber optic cables across the Baltic Sea directly to Germany will further decrease the latency and turn Finland into a real hub of global data flows with more than enough capacity. Even better, direct sea cables also limits the number of “agencies” reading your traffic.


Finland is one of the safest countries in the world

Regardless of your approach – building or leasing, Brownfield or Greenfield, you will find several options all over Finland that meet your needs.  In the Northern part of Finland, you will find larger site options next to green energy that are well-connected to internet networks thanks to our national connection point in Oulu.

The Southern part of Finland, which includes Helsinki, offers options that conveniently sit directly on top of the “fiber highway” between Europe, Asia and Russia.

If you need your datacenter constructed quickly, don’t worry. In Finland we already have a well established construction, and engineering industry with the infrastructure needed to design, build, and operate your facilities. We even have skilled laborers available at a moderate cost.

Companies like Google and Yandex have built massive datacenters in Finland, and other startups choose to house their datacenters in Finland, as well due to our great location, and low cost.

In fact, the Finns have been building successfully for decades in the paper and pulp industry, as well as with hospitals and power plants. Finland is known for trustworthy people, political transparency and pragmatic performance driven culture.

Finland is one of the safest locations in the world to build your datacenters. We can offer safety and accessibility in a totally other league than other countries. Finland doesn’t have natural disasters like flooding, or hurricanes, which means that your datacenter will stay accessible even under the most extreme conditions. The solid bedrock beneath Finland is one of the oldest in the globe, even so that they plan to store nuclear waste deep into the bedrock for next 50,000 years. We also have a climate that is perfect for free cooling for your datacenter. Finally, Finland is one of the most politically stable countries in the world, meaning that your datacenter is in the safest of hands.