Siili’s CEO Seppo Kuula welcomes the team of Avaus.

Tom Jacobsson (CEO of Avaus) on the acquisition of Avaus

“I am excited to share our big news with you: Siili Solutions Oyj has today acquired Avaus Consulting. Together we form the leading service provider for digital service design and development in Finland. With more than 300 experts we will also be the biggest single digital services force in Finland, with strong growth forecasts. (see press release above). The acquisition is the biggest leap Avaus has done so far. And the best.

In our eyes, this new marriage is perfect: Siili and Avaus share many strengths while still complimenting each other in some areas. We share the same values of excellent quality and unbeatable design with a strong business focus. Helping our customers succeed is the number one KPI for us both. Avaus will remain the Innovation Partner we are today, but receive more hands, brains and hearts into our projects. We very much look forward to working with our new colleagues in new projects and areas, as well as to growing our combined skills and benefits into the most attractive offer on the market.

So here we are today, on the edge of a big new wave. Ready to jump on it head first – and enjoy the ride.

Tom Jacobsson,

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