I’ve now had Google Chrome on my computer for little less than 24 hours, and unlike with any other new browser in many many moons, I am impressed.

In fact, I am so impressed that I have already made Chrome my default browser (even though it is beta, it works flawlessly). The pure page load and rendering speed is fantastic and the clean, minimal interface just feels right (the “home screen” with the most visited sites miniatures is particularly great). And, obviously, the plumbing underneath it all is fascinating.
One puzzling omission was the lack of Java. However, a little searching helped me find Java Early Access downloads which included a Java Standard Edition 6 Update 10 RC that adds Java support to Chrome (in case you are looking for the same, check this site).
An interesting comparison is Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 which has been out for a few days. I downloaded it last week and tried it for a little bit. While I did not test it thoroughly, it felt downright dusty and creaky compared to Chrome — same old, same old, same old. It was slower and the interface more cluttered. Not to mention that it was far buggier than Chrome; my favorite chess site would not work, which just won’t do 😉