Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Gearshift Group’s Financial Advisory and Due Diligence service for Mergers & Acquisitions has been acquired by Oaklins.

See the press release.

Whether you are acquiring for growth, divesting peripheral sprouts, or selling your life’s work, we help you all the way down to find the best opportunities in the market and maximize your value.

  • Buy and sell-side advisory
  • Business and Financial Due Diligence
  • Owner strategies (consolidation, buy-outs & buy-in, Go-to-Market, etc.)

Gearshift has the best knowledge of Finnish ICT and high-technology companies with proven track record of over 50 closed transactions. We always work for long-term goal and are brutally honest – if we think the target is not the best fit for your company we are not afraid to say it.

It is said that company valuation is more art than science. Our approach is to use simple and conventional tools that are used together with deep understanding of company’s fundamentals and business performance. We look into and beyond the numbers on financial statements in order to open the true value of the company.

Exit planning and execution are important ways to cash owners value from the company – who would be the best possible successor for the business and who is able to take good care of employees who will stay at the company? Gearshift’s seasoned professionals will help you in finding profitable exit and negotiating good terms for the contract, which can include various clauses that make a big difference later on after the deal is signed.


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